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William Douvris

Community Involvement & Improvement

About William

William Douvris is a musician in Chicago, Illinois. Douvris strongly believes in the power of creative expression in an adult’s life. While many people stop trying to be creative once they hit adulthood, Douvris continues to become more and more creative with every year that passes. Recently, William was in a Metallica cover band, and he greatly enjoyed the experience. Douvris believes that when a band starts out with cover songs, they have a much better chance of success. Once the band matures, Douvris believes that is when they should begin writing their own music.

Metallica’s “Justice for All” album, which came out the year William was born, inspired Douvris to pick up a guitar at the age of ten. Every instrument that William plays was self-taught, and this is something that he is extremely proud of! Douvris’ parents could not help but notice his love and talent for music. This led them to send him to the Music Industry Workshop, or MIW. Here, Douvris learned how to record and do professional audio. Music Industry Workshop provided William with the technical training to be able to record his own music.

William recorded sixteen of his own songs in 2014 and released eleven on iTunes. Douvris is proud of the fact that he recorded in the same studios as Kanye West and Price! While William is currently focusing  on other professional pursuits, he simultaneously sets aside time for creating music for future albums.

When not creating music, William Douvris is extremely active in his local community of Chicago. Specifically, Douvris and his family have made several notable donations to Children’s Memorial Hospital. On top of that, William was an extra in “The Christmas Carol” play at the Goodman Theater. This show raised a significant amount of money for the theater, and Douvris was proud to be a part of it! 

The Greek culture is a prominent aspect of William Douvris’ life. Growing up, the concept of giving back to the community was instilled in Douvris. William Douvris credits this upbringing to the success he had later in life. The Greek concept of “PH” or “Filotimo” means that you are born into a culture of giving back to the community, and it is instilled into each child from a very young age.

William Douvis is a well-rounded, dynamic young professional with a diverse background and set of interests. Douvris is highly skilled at music as well as being an entrepreneur. Whichever activity Douvris is taking part in, you can assure yourself that he is giving it his all!