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Most people have many expenses like rent, groceries and auto payments. At the end of the day, there might be some left over. Here are some reasons you should consider local non profits.


Not Physically Involved

Many people want to do good, but simply don’t have enough time. After working a full time job and taking care of a family, there’s not enough room in the schedule to volunteer. Others are on a limited budget and can’t spend the costs of transportation. Either way, donating a charity benefits society and you don’t have to get physically involved.


Good feeling

People are hardwired to enjoy doing good. Donating a charity provides a good feeling. People often feel they focus too much on themselves. Donating to a charity helps relieve that feeling.


Tax deduction

Many charities will provide you with the paperwork for a tax deduction. You should always try to get one. At the very least, you can take the refund and spend it on more charitable works. Essentially, it’s free money.


Help small charities

The American Red Cross is a gigantic organization with thousands of employees. It can advertise and has the name brand to get donations. Many local nonprofits simply don’t have the resources. They’re more dependent on people like you. Some large charities can even go for big philanthropists or government funding.


Build Neighborhood

Likewise, the American Red Cross is a national institution and isn’t particularly focused on one area. A local charity on the other hand is based in one region. By supporting it, you’re helping the neighborhood and building a sense of community. They pay the salaries of people in the area, pay taxes to your state and support beneficiaries in your area.


More effect

Some people believe your money has more of an effect with a local nonprofit. With a big charity like March For Dimes, your donation is just a tiny drop in the bucket. A local nonprofit has a limited budget and small donations will go a long way.


Better relationships

Major national charities often have millions of donors. You’re just a number to them. If you get a call, it’ll be a random callcenter worker looking at your entry in a huge database. With local charities, you can stop in and talk to the leaders. Some find this personal touch huge.


Your money is hard-earned. Consider donating to a local nonprofit.