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Many employers want to boost their employees’ community engagement. There are several big advantages. Here are strategies for getting your employees involved.


There is a huge benefit to having your employees involved in community volunteering: it helps create an engaged workforce. For many executives, this is a dream. Your employees will try harder at their jobs and desire for the corporation to do well. Workplace absenteeism and turnover will decrease. Positive word of mouth might spread and it might become easier to recruit top talent. There are numerous studies showing that socially responsible companies have higher levels of engagement than those that don’t support their communities.


Quite simply, volunteer activities are big drivers for employee engagement. Although you might have a portion of employees not caring, a lot of people want to do good with the help of their employer.


Unfortunately, many small and medium-sized companies don’t have enough resources to dedicate themselves to the cause. Consistency becomes impossible. They might support their community by writing checks, but checkbook philanthropy is not nearly as effective as volunteering.


How can companies get around this problem? Fortunately, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. You can start by creating an ambassador position. You’ll probably find many employees that would be interested in supporting your company’s philanthropic efforts.


Although the bottom line is important, employees want to feel they’re contributing in other ways. You can do this in random conversations with employees. You can also set up an anonymous online survey and email it to everyone. The more say employees have and the more action they take, the more empowering it will be. Do your best to delegate.


You’ll probably find many eager volunteers. Many people enjoy talking and working with people they don’t usually encounter. Connections will be made and maybe even some friendships. You’ll create a purpose-driven culture, and you’ll get your company names out there, which doesn’t hurt.


Another benefit is for larger companies. The greater the distance an office is from the headquarters, the more disconnected it will be. By getting volunteer involvement in a region, your employees will become connected to the larger organization.


Getting your employees involved in community volunteering can be a great thing. There are numerous strategies to follow.